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Name IP Address Map Players
[EU] CS:GO #1 | de_dust2 18/18
[CZ/SK] CS:GO Public | de_inferno 24/32
[EU] League of Legends normal 10/30
[EU] GTA Server classic 22/60


For those of you on here who have yet to pick up or play battlefield 1 i personally think it is a brilliant game. First of all graphically it is hands down the most enhanced game i have yet to play on the next gen consoles, the time that the game developers took to make this game graphically stand out is astonishing! I have heard some people say that they feel it is just an overlay version of star wars battlefront but me being the battlefield fan i am i can really see the time and effort that they put into trying to put out a phoenominal product. This game lends itself to many different play styles also, some people like to sit back patiently and snipe anything that moves while others like to be up in the close quarters, the diffent maps and game modes allow every person to play to their strengths, for instance i love to use the scout class but recently i began using medic and found that being in the close quarters combat really gave me the feeling that i was fighting for my life in world war 1. Im not asking you to try this game but i am telling you to TRY THIS GAME, it is a rush in a video game like you have never felt before, the game looks great and it makes you adapt to your always changing surroundings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, next review will be on ghost recon wildlands and man i cant wait to dive into that game! Stay Frosty my friends 

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