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Hints & Tips

Got a few personal Hints & Tips for you guys ...


If your using a sniper rifle on Team Death Match i tend to set the sight up for a 150m engagement if there closer and you're sighting system is on the body you will tend to get a clean head shot .. at frurther ranges i thing having it on 150m is almost perfect for the sixe maps they are.


Flying a fighter

Go do the story mode there is a level dedicated purely to flying .. then in the online world go for a attack model first get used to the controls then go in for the fighter with the trench needles !! got yourself onto a winner there !





no point being a medic if you havent got the capabilty to revive and heal i see medics run around with grenade launchers !! stupid !! also if youre a medic ... revive people ive had medics run rigt over me because im not in there squad the more you heal the  more points you get .. enough said

Sniper :

I personally have a trip wire bomb  doesnt matter what varient as long as it incompassitates the enemy and an infantry parascope .. you can spot enemy for you're team without being shot and spot for yourse truely !!


This may be a bit tricky but one of the main things is ammo and an ammo crate that is not a poxy ammo bag .. support i also have a mortar HE not got much damage effect but can slow the enemy down and use of smoke to cover objectives for a successfull move in


As assault i have a AT rocket gun and Dynamite purely for the use of explosives. You can have a devistating effect on the enemy just by firing something that blows up neer them !


Right guys i hope you guys have found some of this information useful in youre quest to become a successful BF1 player ask more on FB or Twitter or even twitch :)


PEACE !!! 




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