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Use your xbox one console as a HDMI hub !!

Thats Right, if you have too many devices hooked up to you're TV instead of unplugging and plugging HDMI cables back in why not use you're xbox one as a HDMI hub.


Along with having a HDMI out port the Xbox one also supports a HDMI in. This means you can run you're devices through youre Xbox rather than taking up all the plugs in you're TV. Where this is mainly used for youre TV or other devices you can actually run it in conjunction to a playstation 4, you can be playing one game with youre xbox one while someone plays using the other half of you're TV screen with their PS4 ... great right !!

WRONG ... the big downside of this is of course the split TV screen which no one wants to have .. random fact for you guys if you ever get in the situation you have 1 TV and 2 consoles give it a bash ...



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