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personal review for Battlefield 1

Hey guys I'm gunna do a quick review on Battlefield 1 if y'all dont have it yet, maybe once you read this it may make you want to get it ...


I personally think Battlefield 1 is an extremely good game. It has alot of good things about it and only a short amount of bad things so read on for review.


For a starter the game has amazing graphics takes in the realities of war especially in the single player mode, the game can keep you interested for days/weeks on end and the online gameplay there are alot of different game modes from 20 minute team deathmatch to an hours game on conquest. The game has a structured online story mode too called operations which can keep you interested in online gameplay, history the game has little bits of writing to explain some interesting history facts and things you wouldnt know about WW1 and you see it it makes you go hmmm .


Unfortunately there are always a few bad points with games. Namingly the game load time cant sometimes be a bit too long making you quickly lose interest looking at the same screen however its only a couple of minutes, secondly when a medic revives you sometimes youre weapon will have a bit of a glitch or you revive wearing youre 'gas mask' but there is a simple way to deal with this switch weapons and its sorted lastly the all dreaded black screen again a simple easy fix leave the game and rejoin .. this is annoying though because you could be in the game and then have to wait in a queue or be on the oposing team to youre friends ..


With all of this though the game has more pro's than con's and I think if I had to rate the game out of 10 I'd easily say 8.5 out of 10 so its a thumbs up from me



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