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For those of you on here who have yet to pick up or play battlefield 1 i personally think it is a brilliant game. First of all graphically it is hands down the most enhanced game i have yet to play on the next gen consoles, the time that the game developers took to make this game graphically stand out is astonishing! I have heard some people say that they feel it is just an overlay version of star wars battlefront but me being the battlefield fan i am i can really see the time and effort that they put ...


Ok guys the Wildlands Beta has 2 floors. Number 1 is understandable ... Graphics but its a BETA, Nmber 2 is it keeps crashing. Everone i have played with has said including myself, it keeps crashing half way through a mission it crashed !!

but apart from that a brilliant game 9 out of 10 honest result from myself !!!


Ok guys GOOD NEWS !!!

The open Beta for Wildlands is now here i am currently in the process of downoading it ...

I shall post my thoughts on here once iv'e played it.

As we all know the Beta is never as good as the real game will be so I will taking that into consideration.

Will also probably do a Live broadcast of it so all of you can see what its like !!!#

PEACE !!! 

not long now

Hey guys. Not long now till the live stream of Wildlands ..

one of my good friends has just come back from Iraq and will be partaking in the live stream also !!


keep tapping in to twitch for our streams until this day.




Hello everybody phillies here bringin you some news on some of the features and possibilities we will be working on. You will now be able to send people on here friend requests and private messages to try and get a team together to go out and game and try to help spread the word about our community. We also will be implementing a points system for any of our registered users, unsure right now how it will work but i do know that we will be adding incentives for some great TIG merch once it is designed so be sure ...

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We are pleased to annouce the a brand new feature called TIG Points!

This is an awesome system which not only helps TIG in general, but also means great things for you! 

How to get TIG points:

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2017 Video Game Release Schedule

There is so much to look forward to in the gaming world in 2017, which is why we at Game Rant wanted to make sure gamers have a helpful guide for all the game releases scheduled for this year. The below list will be updated as new titles are revealed, games are delayed, and major announcements happen.

Since the list of 2017 games will be a living list with regular updates, we highly recommend gamers take a moment to bookmark this page and check back often to check out the latest developments in gaming. The list will cover the biggest and ...

The Ghost Recon - Wildlands NEWS IS HERE !!!

The Ghost Recon - Wildlands open beta now has a scheduled date!! It will run from February 23 through to February 27 on Xbox one, Playstation 4, and PC system. Preloading begins on February 21.

A tiny bit of what to expect from the open Beta.


The open beta includes everything from the closed beta, as well as more content in the form of a province called Montuyoc. Set in ...

Battlefield 1 winter update adds ribbons, and more...

Battlefield 1's extensive winter update is upon us, which sees the return of ribbons from previous games, an increased Class Rank cap, and new features relevant to the war-fighter's rentable servers.

From front-to-back, BF1's ribbons allow players to accrue combat commendations tied to in-game tasks and maneuvers—similar to how they've operated in previous series entries up to now. A blog post suggests there are 20 different ribbons to collect this time round, each of which is also worth 300XP. "The Ribbons are designed to promote good ...

Hints & Tips

Got a few personal Hints & Tips for you guys ...


If your using a sniper rifle on Team Death Match i tend to set the sight up for a 150m engagement if there closer and you're sighting system is on the body you will tend to get a clean head shot .. at frurther ranges i thing having it on 150m is almost perfect for the sixe maps they are.


Flying a fighter

Go do the story mode there is a level dedicated purely to flying .. then in the online world go for ...

Use your xbox one console as a HDMI hub !!

Thats Right, if you have too many devices hooked up to you're TV instead of unplugging and plugging HDMI cables back in why not use you're xbox one as a HDMI hub.


Along with having a HDMI out port the Xbox one also supports a HDMI in. This means you can run you're devices through youre Xbox rather than taking up all the plugs in you're TV. Where this is mainly used for youre TV or other devices you can actually run it in conjunction to a playstation 4, you can be playing one game with youre xbox one while someone plays using ...

video upload

Hey guys check out the videos weve previously uploaded hopefully you like our stream .. hit us up on youtube @ The Impractical Gamers and hit our twitch page for LIVE STREAMS !!! remember folks around the 7th of next moth i will be doing a live stream of Ghost Recon Wildlands hit us up, i will also be putting a review about the game on here and Facebook !! hit us up hit the follows and keep on coming PEACE !!!

Call of duty

Right then gamers looks like call of duty have now announced a possibility for their next game ... Call of Duty World at War 2 that's right I know what you're thinking .. where on earth is their engenuity and creativity ? Bit of a disappointment with there last game as always maybe the next will be better !!!

Play Background Music on the Xbox One

Play Background Music

Got a particular media app playing music that you want to keep going even if you visit another app on the Xbox One?

You could Snap it, but if it's Pandora or Groove—the main apps to support this feature—you don't even have to Snap.

Start the audio station and then leave it to visit some other areas of the interface: the music continues on.

To pause or stop it or change the volume or skip to a new track, double-tap the Xbox button on the controller; you'll find music controls at the top ...

Speed up game installation (Xbox ONE)

Speed up game installation

personal review for Battlefield 1

Hey guys I'm gunna do a quick review on Battlefield 1 if y'all dont have it yet, maybe once you read this it may make you want to get it ...


I personally think Battlefield 1 is an extremely good game. It has alot of good things about it and only a short amount of bad things so read on for review.


For a starter the game has amazing graphics takes in the realities of war especially in the single player mode, the game can keep you interested for days/weeks on end and the online gameplay there are alot of different game modes ...

Wildlands Gameplay

Hey guys,

a much anticipated wait for myself here, ive pre-ordered wildlands for xbox one due date is march 7th 2017. Officially a month from now i will be streaming wildlands, so if you guys are in 2 minds weather or not youre going to get the game watch the stream and hopefully it will put youre minds at rest cool 

Still hook us up till this date for great humour and awesome gaming !! PEACE !!


Hello and welcome to The Impractocal Gamers.

My name is Karl, gamertag R6 KRJ - Please feel free to add myself.

Thank you all for your support and following myself and the other TIG members is our gaming content and I hope you enjoy what we are posting.

Thank You, on behalf of all TIG